About us

Catcorp is a proud South Australian company with over 20 years’ experience in the building and property industry encompassing residential, commercial and industrial construction. Catcorp manages and delivers multiple construction projects and has been responsible for the firm’s design and construct delivery. The company’s understanding of the minutiae of multiple facets of property development, design and construction, together with strong attention to detail has been a key aspect of the success of Catcorp.

Catcorp provides holistic project delivery utilising its concept-capital-construct business model. This approach allows for our clients to participate during the concept design phase, ensuring that their operational and commercial needs are achieved. With its in-house construction arm, Catcorp also manages the construction phase of the project providing clients with certainty in project duration, cost and quality. Catcorp’s team include the services of architects, engineering, services and development consultants that combine extensive experience and current and innovative building technology to deliver projects. This vertically integrated approach is underpinned by a financially sound business platform providing capital in a constrained market.

The company’s experience and pragmatic approach to development, project management and financial investment results in a long-term project success. Catcorp relies on “traditional values” to form a cornerstone for customer relationships, which is reflected in referred and repeat business.

The company has a number of dedicated staff across the design, finance, development and sales aspects of property projects and has been involved in many successful projects.